Sunday, January 3, 2010

Put on the brakes...its time to breathe

So I didnt get to go to my house today to do the stenciling...Last week the hubs missed the Giants game because we were picking out our appliances, he absolutely would not miss this weeks game, and I needed him to move some very heavy kitchen/bath stuff out of the mudroom.  So a no-go today.

Sometimes all of my projects get all jumbled in my mind, and I start to forget all the things I'm trying to do.  This I can honestly not stand.

SO today I'm refreshing my own memory and writting a sort of CRAFY PROJECT TO-DO LIST

1. Upholstered headboard

Reason I havent completed or attempted this project: My bed which is the most luxurious purchase I have ever bought will be delivered on the 9th of January, also our bedding will come with all my other goodies when we move in.  So its one of those...dont want to go with the wrong fabric,color, wrong size thing..

2. Stenciling the mudroom

Picture this but yellow walls, and cute green stencils, and of course a mudroom
Maybe I should wait until I move in?

3. Finishing my curtains

Ok so because I didnt get to stencil my mudroom today, I did my guestroom curtains instead, I bought these for $14.99 from Ikea, so for 4 panels, it was $30, I did this...which I'm not sure if I love, I'm letting it dry I guess, and then I'll do the other 3 over the next week or so. My guestbedroom is the most delightful shade of mint green, with a big white fluffy bed with darker green trim (like the hotel kind).  So I decided rather than making curtains, I'd just go with white because I want it to look really light and bright.  Of course then I was bored for a minute, so now they are stenciled, no matter what I'll make it work.  Eventually I'll get a pretty trim and add it to finish them.  Not sure how I'm feeling about these??

4. Papering my white hutch


I absolutely love this old books used as a little obsessed!

5. Make inside of kitchen cabinets look FABULOUS!
I think I'm going to use old books for the inside of my cabinets, and pretty scrapbook paper for my hutch.  My hutch is in storage, and my kitchen wont be done until the 15th. So again these are all projects that have to wait.

6. Paint red door a different color
Any suggestions, I'm thinking either the right red, a pale yellow or a great blue

As I said before I'm a do now, ask questions later kind of being so excited about a project, and not doing it immediately is SUPER hard for me.  I need to remember that my house, my home will never be complete, perfect, without being able to add something special to it.  And isnt that great?
The reason for my jumping the gun so much with this house is because it took us 5 months to close, and then another 3 months to remodel, while we are still living at my parents house.  Decorating in my head, buying stuff for my home, and doing every project under the sun has made these 8 months a whole lot less miserable.

But 12 days...we will be moving.  So lets put on the brakes. Breathe, probably clean out my closet, junk drawers etc etc etc, and enjoy these last days that I will live at my parents, and leave all these fun projects for when Im in my wonderful new house, that I will most certainly be trying to find projects to do? Right?

I wonder if someone reads this they feel my mind is all over the place, because it really calms my mind

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