Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pretty Door Color Anyone?

SOS-->Help door colors

So this is my OLD lovely first home victorian
Its dark grey with white and black, and I wanted a red door, but just picked the wrong red
In real life it looks bluish red, in the picture, it looks more orange

I'm also thinking of maybe a blue or yellow



Serenity now

I'm not afraid of doing it wrong, however I love getting it right.  So if anyone has some great reds, yellows or blues, I'd be happy to take your comments. If no comments you force me to buy all the little samples and paint my door a million times, and my new neighbors will know I'm crazy befor I even move in offiially.
(lets be honest once its spray painting season, theres no chance they'll think i'm normal)

In other news...whos obsessed with stencils..?
 Because I am
in my cute little yellow mudroom, I'm going to stencil damask green images..very excited.  Maybe tomorrow, maybe Monday, I was never great at waiting.  Pictures will come soon

On this left wall, its blank and I'm going to put nice stencils all over it, probably under the windows too, but the focal point will be this blank wall.  Ive started to collect all these really nice green hooks over the last 6 months, and I got this great green welcome mat a couple of weeks ago that is going to look cute as pie

kitchen floor

marble countertop

I tried out my stencils on my hot glue tiles.  These were picked for my house, but we just had one of each, and they became my home for my hot glue gun, it works great because I can just peel hot glue right off, plus I LOVE my hot glue gun, so why not make her sit pretty?

Ok paint colors?? any suggestions?

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