Friday, November 6, 2009


Hey Everybody,

So I actually got some projects done today. Its hard when it starts to get dark out so early, I want to paint, but its windy and cold and gets dark at 5pm, so its hard when everyday I have something that I have want to do outside. 

So I hear a lot of you talking about some great places to shop, unfortunately a lot of those places we dont have in NJ.  I love Christmas Tree Shop, and it doesnt sound like too many of you have it since I dont hear anyone talking about it.  I definately want to do a few different things on this are my ideas and I would love to hear what you would all like to see.

1. Deals & Steals
showcasing great deals, where I purchased them and for how much(just cute stuff that is already perfect and doesnt need tweeking)

2. Trash to Treasure
Show what and where I purchased, how much it cost, before and after and how I changed it

These are my ideas so far...anyone have any opinions?

Personally I am the most frugal person ever, also I love before and afters, maybe you all like that too? not sure tho

I bought 2 of these lamps for my foyer, obviously I'll show you them in place when I move in.  I got the lamp, plus lamp shade for $7.99 each, new at Christmas Tree Shop

My color scheme for my entry is nuetral colored walls, red, orange and red colors. I didnt have a enough red items, so I thought the lamps would be a good place for that pop of color

I didnt love the black base with the red shades, so I just spray painted them of course, and then distressed them.  I thought they were cute with the little ribbon tied around them, so I may leave it.

Garage Sale $2

For my guest bedroom, I am going for bed & breakfast mixed with spa like accents

Now all I need is a tray for on top, and I can make a beautiful vignette

I got pretty ribbon from the dollar store. cleaned, sanded and spray painted heirloom white, then really distressed it with 150 grit sand paper.  You cant really tell this from the picture because I just use my phone.  Also the ribbons are really pretty, but hard to see.  Then I just pulled out the other green and red bands, and hot glued these on, I could also have stapled them on, I dont actually plan to use it for heavy luggage, so I wasnt too worried about stability. 

I feel so much better when I do something productive, I hate having soooo many projects and nothing done, so today was a great day and I love the final project.

I think I'm going to go to the Meadowlands Flea Market tomorrow at Giant stadium, do you think I'll find anything great?

<3 JEN