Thursday, December 31, 2009

a lot to say...but overall just happy

So..its almost been 2 months.  Ive been reading my favorite blogs as usual, but not writting my own.  I guess as someone new I wanted followers right away, wanted someone to be reading my words, but maybe I'll just write for myself.

Move in day is Jan 15th...I could not be more excited

Our house is in the process of be redone, like the whole thing.  Its a beautiful home, every square inch has been painted on the inside and out.  The hundred year old floors downstairs were refinished in a dark wonderful color.  The upstairs in all beautiful nuetral carpet called suede, its nice to have new.  Just married, its our first house, and I cant tell you how proud of it we are.  The basement was just the foundation and dirt on the floor! its concrete on the floor, which somehow feels fancy lol.  The bathroom is currently being completely redone.. Like all that was there was drywall.  So me and the HUBS are going up tomorrow to see the bathroom.  It should be done on January 8th, so we could technically move in on the 8th.  Then the kitchen is getting redone.

So let me tell you a little bit about the bathroom- so whats getting done is tile floor, tile backsplash in the shower, new toilet, new vanity (again there was nothing in the bathroom but drywall).  Then paint and trim and all that great stuff.  SOOO excited.

The Kitchen- Very excited about the kitchen.  We had ugly oak tanish cabinets...all repainted white, they look new its incredible.  paint really still does amaze me.  Then new tile floor, We got those fancy cieling tiles, so they are going up, and they are white and super ornante and beautiful.  The kitchen was painted a very light pale blue color, I thought it would make it look fresh and clean, which if you saw the kitchen before, you would understand why I was going for that.  Then the backsplash is the silver it! And the countertops are a brownish, black, white parts in it marble...very excited about that.  And we got all new apliances last Sunday.  All stainless steal, beautiful, we got the fancy french trio frig, that the top is the fridge and the bottom is the freezer...yes if a frig could be sexy...that would be our frig. 

SO overall kitchen scheme:
White cabinets
Stainless steel appliances
Silver tin backsplash
White ornate ceiling tiles
Light fresh blue walls
And...randomly all of the hardware and faucet are french oil rubbed bronze.

Our whole house is very neutral in colors, all tans and nice browns, so im excited about the rooms i decided to have spashes of color.

Anyway....Since I havent been on here I have been very busy

I worked on like a million curtains...seriously

I did master bedroom curtains, kitchen, 2 hallway curtains, dining room curtains, it was hours and hours and wonderfully satisfying but at the same time very exhasting.

I also have been playing with moss and making topiary which I love.

I bought today plates for my dining room which I'm really excited about.  I'm very into symmetry so it worries me not knowing how my plate wall will look.  But I bought 3 yellow, 3 light aqua- all medium sized. Then one darker aqua larger, and one small white plate.  I think I'd like some burnt red colors, and some more white and I'm done, maybe some with birds on them? that sounds really cute.

Something that I've learned from picking everything furniture/accessory to every tile, paint color/stain or appliance, what I've learned is that I trust my taste, and I love my taste.  Mistakes that I made with my house...our painter painted the outside of our house this nice deep grey with black trim and a red door, its all very nice, but the red is not the right red.  And if you've ever painted the wrong red...then you know what I mean..  Its just wrong, its too blue.  So now we really have to repaint it, cause I hate it, but its so cold in NY I dont know if I can really paint it this time of year?? No clue.  And the second mistake was I did a light tanish color in the bathroom, and a brown ceiling...I've seen it done before, but the colors aren't close enuf to have the right effect.  I'm still thinking i'll just keep it, live with it, and maybe when my new vanity and stuff is there it will be right.  But at the end of the day...its only paint, very very fixable.  And the 2nd thing I've learned is maybe the same thing, but I have great vision, I can picture things redone, so many ppl close to me and my hubs said not to buy our house.  They are the same people who now want to live in our house and cant get over it.  I love that I have vision, and I love that dont let other people talk me out of something that I love. 

It feels great getting this all out btw.

Projects for the new year:
1. MORE curtains
  -curtains for both of my bathrooms
2.  Headboard
      - Our house is from the rooms are small, and I dont want to overpower the room...hence why I've been thinking about this more than normal

And I'm sure theres a lot more...but I feel so happy with all that I have completed lately, and cant wait to move in and take lots of pictures.  I also have before pictures when the house looked like total crap.  LOVE IT