Monday, January 4, 2010

Birds and Doors...I'm totally OBSESSED!

Today is my day off, so I spent it going to my favorite places. I went to TJ Max...left with nothing.  Marshalls, I liked 2 things, but decided they were just too expensive.  Then I went to home goods and christmas tree shops.

**Macaroni just loves lying on pillows..I did not stage my puppy in this pic**

I bought the pillows in the back for my living room on Friday, I cant sew and for 19.99, and I love the fabric, it was sold.  Then I fell in love with these pillows in the front today for 19.99...I'm a sucker.  They are all for my living room and I just absolutely LOVE the fabric so its well worth it!

All from Home Goods

I love this...and I know it will look great on top of my cabinets in my kitchen

I dont usually buy something for a particular area, but I usually start imagining all the places it would look you do that too?

This is so cute, bird bath covered in moss...much cuter in real life
And again I just loved it, but I think it would look really nice in our mudroom on the window as a catch all for keys and it!

This is just pretty. And for 1.99...perfect

Also the surprise inside is that for 1.99 they even make it pretty inside
This is from Christmas tree shop and I love this store

I also love when people have little dishes and pots and jars and then fill them with pretties

When I saw these I thought they were just right.  It was 1.99 for the small one and 3.99 for the big one

I got 3 little ones, and 2 big ones.  Sprayed 2 little ones, and 1 big one.  This was the first coat, I did another, but I like how they came out and for 5 pots for $14, pretty good, not yard sale good, good enough though.
I also got these cute little glass jars, I'm thinking I'm going to put epsom salt in them and keep them in the bathroom, they were .89 each.  All from christmas tree shop

I got 3 door stops recently with a damask design that I love, I sprayed them cause they were gross, they were $10 EACH but I loved them.  Then they also had these today, on sale for $4.99 each!! so I got 2 of these, but they will just look perfect in my old victorian house! (kind of upset that I spent $30 on the last ones, when I could have clearly just waited and spent $15.  The problem obviously is most times when you wait, you can never ever find it agian.  But you will dream about them, talk about them, obsess about them.  IS my sanity worth $15...perhaps

As I was reading a blog today...I got this great idea.  I want to paint the doors in my house colors.  For the upstairs I'd like to paint them all the same color so if all the doors were closed it would look pretty.  However IF the doors were open they would need to look good inside the rooms...This is where it gets tricky.  Now I could paint it something...neutral, but I'd rather paint it something cute.

Here are the rooms
Hallway- Light tan
Bathroom-light tan
Master-Brown-other colors in room light green and light blue
Guest Room- Mint green
Other guest Room- Yellow

What goes with all that??

I also have a light bluish linen hutch in the hallway...

Anything suggestions? Whats my sudden obsession with doors?

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