Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big News

So, I daily go onto sites still and look at all the things that I love. I am inspired by these great women. But its hard to write and get no feedback.  I think I'll start writting now, and just see what happens..we all want followers and comments right????

SO I come to you all with news. A happy home and a happy marriage and all the ducks were in line.  We ended up deciding that we were "ready" to have a baby, and ready to begin the process of "trying".  Now I'm sure there are many of you who struggled with getting pregnant, or know someone who has.. I hear horror stories all the time about IVF, and secondary infertility, but this was just not our case.  We literally decided we were going to "try" in March, and I took the test on April 2nd and I was preggo with an eggo.  Well I'll be damned...we were surprised.  Anyway we couldnt be more excited, we are due Dec 12th, and I am 15 weeks pregnant, safely in my second trimester. I'm like in the I kinda just look fat rather than pregnant stage..not so hot. 

Things that I love about being pregnant-giving up the thong.  I bought all new underwear (granny panties) and they are fabulousssss! I love eating and just thinking about my future baby.

Things I dont like...feeling sick all the time, being the most tired I've ever been in my life, and growing out of my clothes.

We are not sure if we are going to have a boy or girl, but we are looking for a name thats unique, but easily pronouncable.  Example...

Monroe-its a town near me...so I'd never use this name. But its different, uncommon,and very importantly no one would be confused on how to say it. 

So thats what I'm looking for different, cool, uncommon but easily  pronounced. 
If anyone has any suggestions...I'm game.

At the home front...everything is going great.  The nursery needs to get finished, or maybe more appropriately actually started.  When I first got pregnant I started doing picture frame molding, and then a week went by and I go to bed now around 7pm, yea i'm a little tired.  I'm in the process of trying to make a makeshift slipcover for one of my couches.  My living room is very beachy, nautical, airy, I'm planning on changing it for the seasons, and I"m pretty excited about that. 

Anyway thats it for today.

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