Sunday, November 1, 2009

This is my first rodeo

Ok, so please welcome me into your homes, hearts and laptops. First time blogger...I just recently was googling something shabby chic and pottery barn and up popped someones blog. It was living with Lindsay and her famous slice of heaven shes got going on over in her world.

Now I am absolutely obsessive, so I read and read and read. I was reading all her delicious little decorating and crafting secrets as well as laughing a lot. Shes very funny. So now I feel like we are BFFs, only problem is I havent even emailed her, well I thought it was akward since I had no blog of my own.

Anyway...I read EVERY Living with Lindsay post, every single one, I would read one month in a day, and then finally I ran out. I was devastated, so I started going to many of the sites that Lindsay had recommended, Kimba, and Nester of course, inspired room, and many many more. I am so blown away by this wonderful world I knew nothing about. I dont think I'll ever be half the blogger that many of these women are, however I do feel lucky to be apart of this world, so I figured instead of watching on, laughing, giggling, making mental notes in my head at all the great tips, I should contribute as well, because isnt that what its all about???

Finally today I went garage saling,  which is one of my favorite things and I did some painting, and I suddenly felt the need and want to share it all. SO here it is.

(drum roll please)My very first blog

Ok so this is something that I found, loved and had to have!

They are actually really beautiful pieces, they will go in my master bedroom

Notice all the detail, and I actually loved the hardware. 

1. I cleaned
2. Sanded
3. Primed with white spray paint (I had it and its stark white, so not my favorite)
4. Then spray painted 2+ coats of heirloom white

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the detail on this piece!

I was originally going to distress it but it looked so fancy I just couldnt.  Also it looks pretty white here, but obviously being heirloom white its much creamer in real life.  I also take pics with my forgive please.  And these bad boys were only $55 and are solid wood, the drawers slide easily, and I'm very happy with them.

In addition...

I have 2 silver milk jugs already, but they are indoors.  This black one will be perfect for outside my house, goes right with my colors


$2...I LOVE IT

Just a quick clean and black spray paint to make it look a little fresher


This is for my Guest Bedroom.  I just cleaned it today, but obviously I'm going to make it shabby and cute and very bed & breakfasty

$1...absolutely perfect

I always feel so accomplished after a day like today, share with me something that you are really proud of.

<3 Jennifer

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  1. Jennifer! Hi!!

    First, I love, love, LOVE those nightstands. Like I seriously want to figure out where you live and come and steal them from you.

    Second, you made me cry! I'm so pleased that my little blabity blabs have inspired you. Nester inspired me, so it's kind of like the circle of life. LOL I can't wait to read more posts!